Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How great is the Tea Party?

How great is this image? They kept the Indian costumes!
That shows a commitment to the facts, I likey.
As a no-horse-in-the-race non-voter: I love these guys and gals. Admittedly, I don't exactly follow what "they" are up to, and when I do bump into some half-assed hatchet job — desperate to illustrate just how crazy and unelectable they all are — I do find some amusement in what seems to be an advanced case of angry-dum-dumb-itis — which has obviously inflamed America's glands, across the board.

But all ideological differences aside (ha, that just sounds stupid), Zee Tee Pa-Tay is a beautiful things: A robust judo-chop to the gut of American party politics.

Now, I've confessed my love of the Tea Party more than once, here's what typifies the response:

"Sure, they're a 3rd party, and I too (they nod, sporting a knowing posture) will be happy when our two party system hits the shitter. But, the Tea Party will ultimately stifle 3rd party progress because, you know... they're crazy!"

To this I have two words, wait, one word: Poppycock.

Applaud the Tea Party, I implore you: I'm not sure what those ambitious political rabbits are doing, but they're really doing it.

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  1. "A robust judo-chop to the gut of American party politics."

    Lol, perfect.