Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I sho' wish weez had the Al-Juzeruh channel

The A-Rab tee vee show got a website too! Kind of boring though... they showing da same stuff weez getting on our shows...
World powers rush in to rebuild Libya
By unfreezing assets and offering loans, governments from London to Beijing are extending help to the 'new' Libya.
As the endgame of the Muammar Gaddafi regime plays out in Libya, members of the international community - from world powers to oil companies - are gathering to discuss their respective roles in the country's future. Decades of partial isolation imposed by Gaddafi have left the oil-rich country's economy reeling from a raft of sanctions and its government in a diplomatic no man's land.

The rebel government, or National Transitional Council (NTC), has said it intends to change all that. In comments published on Wednesday in an Italian newspaper, NTC chairman Mustafa Abdel Jalil said the "new" Libya would build "strong relations with other countries, based on mutual respect and co-operation". Going by Wednesday's flurry of diplomatic action, foreign countries appeared eager to reciprocate.

The enjoyability of listening to assholes talk-up Al-Jazeera as some form of "real" or perhaps even "honest" news source (that's right... NEWS!) has risen exponentially in the last 6 months or so, you surely agree? 

So do call Comcast, or whoever, and demand — hell, write your Congressperson — that we have Al-Jazeera too (we earned it!)... without it we won't know what's going on! And that would be terrible... because other people's business is the only thing worth knowing.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Stop Making Money!

Go get some paint (don't fucking buy it, scrounge it up) — some white spray paint being your easiest move... it's around. Find one of these signs, and tag it.

STOP is already there. Just add "making money"... and walk away. Fuck, skip away... cuz you just had some fun.



Monday, August 15, 2011

Worth Repeating... and repeat

Take both arms, bend them into an air hug, stick this place in the middle, and squeeze it good. The same ole' question: "what can I — lonely ole' me — do about all deez big prahlumbs?" Amateur Seer Justin comes up with the goods (especially for those of you, like me, who are members of the "not terribly opposed to a few more decades of enjoyable life" sector of the population): find your fucking imagination (this will not be easy) and re-skill yo'self... cuz our old skills are, if I had to bet my sturdiest shovel on it, fucking bullshit.

I hush, show you a chicken butt, and point you at the Domestic Injustice chapter of Big Dada:

As if to say...

Quinoa on its way
The ugly truth about things like the war on drugs is that the problem is not the war on drugs, the problem is that our system needs a permanent underclass of easily exploitable labor to function. As things get tighter, the size of this underclass has to expand, which is why unemployment has doubled, and why elites are attacking our social safety so unmercifully. The conditions of uncertainty, despair, insecurity, hunger and powerlessness are not new, they are just being applied at a broader scale and people who did not think those conditions should apply to them by virtue of their education, intelligence, heritage, or whatever else are finding out that this is not true.

Something will have to give, and that something will have to be everyday people finding ways to engage this system not just destructively, as hacker groups like Anonymous or as acts of civil disobedience, but also by finding constructive alternatives. Most people want to live fulfilling lives, most people have deeply held grievances with the status quo, but the question that plagues them, that they find unanswerable, is what they can do about it, or whether anything can even be done. This is a lack of imagination, and an internalization of a dangerous meme about civilization and industrialism; as Margaret Thatcher once said, there is no alternative. There are obviously alternatives, but they are not going to come wrapped in plastic, or in a hand book. They are not going to be handed down from on high like the Ten Commandments. Its going to be the tiny revolution of every mind, and the follow through of every body, to the best of whatever circumstances they are in. Our system has very deliberately deskilled the laboring American work force, and made the good jobs completely technically specified. It is easy to see why people cannot imagine existing outside of this context, there experience and existence is completely embedded within its premises. To begin extracting ourselves from this mess, we have to begin reskilling ourselves. There is no time to lose, every ecosystem on this planet is in terminal decline, scientists are warning that the ocean is already into an extinction phase owing to our industrial growth paradigm. Weather systems are changing dramatically, and as expected, food shortages have already begun appearing where drought and floods are destroying crops all over the world. The only alternatives offered by our system is more of the same, we have to start finding our own.

I hit those cucumbers with something hard and then add gin!
These characters are friendly with lentils

 Since this picture was taken, I ate these. And then pooped them back into the garden (serious?)

Almost as delicious as money!