Sunday, February 3, 2013

What kids will likely learn: Kill the right people

I'm watching the Superbowl! Whoo-hoo! Perhaps the most predictable spectacle imaginable, it's awesome.

Ray Lewis is very obnoxious. I just watched him explain how, since he is an instrument of God, he couldn't have been the one who killed a couple of guys. But, killing your enemies is not exactly verboten, rather, its thoroughly celebrated, sometimes. Had Lewis murdered a bunch of Afghan Madrasa students, well, that'd be pretty great. He'd be a hero. That's what kids are somewhat likely to learn, while watching the pre-game stories.

So wear a uniform, kill a foreigner (one opposed to global neoliberalism) and you can be a token hero. Kill a guy in a fight which smells of "gang" activity, and white people will sit in their living room and call you a thug, and ask you questions about it forever. Kill the right people, America.