Sunday, July 4, 2010

Inglorious? peut être

First part of an intermittent series in which I'll "review" commercial films that most cinephiles have already seen and discussed. It'll be called, The Seattle Library was Kind Enough to Lend Me....

Inglorious Basterds

It was cute.

Story: As the German war effort crumbles, commanding officer Aldo Raine (Pitt's character, a bootlegger back in Uh-murica) directs his off-the-grid crew of Jewish-American soldiers to commit genocide against Nazis, because, you know, they started it. Keeping with the genocide theme — and to display the film's cuteness — they run around occupied France scalping Nazis because, you know, that's how Native Americans and the new-to-town white settlers/invaders enjoyed doing it back in the good ole' days when genocide was civilized and clearly unavoidable.

Lesson for the kids: Murderers can be scary. But, murderers with a morbid and creepy shtick are entertaining. After high school, this will be important to remember.

Lesson for the adults: Go down with the ship; never go turncoat on your mates — you'll end up getting Manson'd by Brad Pitt in the final scene... not good.


  1. I now need you to "review" every commercial movie anyone is likely to reference in my company ever again!

  2. That sounds like a lot of sitting on my ass eating snacks... does the position come with dental?