Monday, July 19, 2010

God's law trumps Big Man's law

A riot burgeoning from the digital orifice of the NYT this morning. Apparently, Obama and the Evangelicals are finally joining forces. Yes! I think Laurie Goodstein (great name, better reporter) is the best thing they have going over at the N.Y.T. For extra fun, check out her heart-warming piece on Jerry Falwell's legacy (you'll get to see Jerry crowd surfing). She describes him as pugnacious, which, surprisingly, does not mean crazy bigot. Anyway, from this morning, my highlights:
“My message to Republican leaders,” said the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, the president of the evangelical National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and one of the leaders who engaged his non-Hispanic peers, “is if you’re anti-immigration reform, you’re anti-Latino, and if you’re anti-Latino, you are anti-Christian church in America, and you are anti-evangelical.”
Right on, Brother Rodriguez. However, call me curious, but, I just happen to be anti-Christian church in America (you know, lapsed and non-practicing — it's kinda a social thing), does that make me anti-Latino?
Each side draws on Scripture for support. Those who oppose comprehensive immigration overhaul cite Romans 13, which says to submit to the government’s laws. Supporters cite Leviticus 19: treat the stranger as you would yourself.
Both of these scriptural prescriptions sound pretty god damned crappy. The government? strangers? No. Thanks.
One of the more recent converts to overhaul is Mr. Staver. He said that deporting illegal immigrants violated the biblical imperative to welcome the stranger. “We’re going to break up families,” Mr. Staver said, “and I don’t see how you could claim to be pro-family and condone the separation of families.” (To which Mr. Fischer responded, “We don’t want to break up families, so let’s help them all return to their country of origin.”) 
Mr. Fischer is hilarious. Did he say, Help them? What a clever euphemism for force them.
 But Mr. Blackwell said the whole effort could implode if the final legislation extended family reunification provisions to same-sex couples where one spouse did not have legal status. For evangelicals, he said, “That would be a deal-breaker.”
Indeed, keepin' a simple hierarchy of needs, evangelical style: "Love strangers... but queers!? Oh no, we're going to do what we can to harrass, harangue, humiliate and dehumanize those guys and gals. Praise. The. Lord. For it is wise."

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