Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Please, my goodness please... end the intern[m]e[n]t.

I'll quote Nietzsche, I think:

Something that has failed should be all the more honored just because it has failed — this agrees much better with my morality. — "God"

Does anyone has any... uh... ideas regarding how I might destroy the internet from, you know, outside the internet... I did put "The Martix" in my library queue, but if memory serves me, that movie was more of an inspirational bit than a how-to.

Seriously, the internet is awful. Go away.


  1. and i thought i was the only one ...
    i pray each night for the death of the internet, but so far no luck (too bad god is dead lol)
    a co-worker told me a story about this women in hungary that was stripping copper-wiring and somehow shut down most of the county's internet. so something like that.

    1. The SOPA protests are humiliating. On cue, there is a new thing for people to protest/complain about every few weeks (or less) to distract from the entirety of the shit-show.

      One may think, by about now-ish, that more people would have, uh, learned the lesson: whoever tells you they are "in charge" (or seeks such a standing) would most enjoyably be seen only as a form of entertainment, the local eccentric who fills the ears of pub-goers with get-rich schemes and the like. And yet, people continue to believe in things like Congress and Presidents and The Rich... all very bizarre.

      But yeah, if SOPA gets people to like the internet less, that's lovely. If it gets less people watching Hollywood movies, or listening to goddamned songs (I mean fuck, I'm surrounded by people who want music "on" all fucking day. More Noise! More noise!), or reading wikipedia... then fucking eh, it'd be like Congress did the 1st pleasant thing I can recall.

  2. Gotta agree with you here WTTVT. But I will say that this bizarre use of Them Toobz to gather info on every Toob Surfer and resell it -- raw data, or packaged as a "profile", either way -- has me very interested in learning coding and hacking.

  3. Hey Man, hope you and yours are well.

  4. late to this party, but there are actually two massive switching stations on long island, the terminus of two gigantic fiberoptic bundles that connect the internets of the american and european continents. not the end of it, but it would throw a wrench into things...

  5. How to destroy the internet

    First, take two corned beef sandwiches and post them on YouTube. Whilst everybody is eating, dial your cable company from a long distance phone booth and ask for their service advertising department. They won’t be able to connect you. With nowhere else to go, backwash fills up the pipes that connect to central switching. Nobody can Google. Start a petition to ban paper. Now new bookmarks can’t be formed and through attrition, the few remaining ones disappear. Trademark the color blue. In a few months, most online stores go belly up. Repeat, substituting green for blue.