Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kicking the ladder after y'all done climbing OR Obama makes a funny face

I am endlessly amused by The ""United"" States ""economic"" policy (double quotes for double bullshit).

To read that the bosses have Obama and pals suing (fucking suing!) the Chinese boss men for protecting their rare-earths-fuel-modern-life goodies is just endlessly fucking enjoyable.

It's like, Protectionism is really fucking great until you're ready to go bully some bitches... then it's time to get yo' free trade on.

My sides are split. Check the LA Times story to see Obama's hilarious mug.


  1. "rare earths — minerals that are vital to such products as hybrid vehicles and smartphones."

    and all this time i thought they were made by fairy dust or just materialized out of hyper-space.

  2. Caption:

    "Yes, John, I can see her. She's not wearing a bra. You're right. And she is a groupie, so we'll see her shortly."

    As to the real story -- remember the opening line of A Frolic of His Own?

    I'm envious of the double-quotes idea. A true stroke of genius.

  3. "It is rash and unfair for the United States to put forward a lawsuit against China before the WTO,"

    The wto can judge nations, and perside over lawsuit litigation? Who has givin them this power?

    If they judge nations that means the wto is somthing of a federal state.

    There seems to be a lot of hope out there that goverment will limit corpret power, but Some times I wonder if a corparation could even exist with out the suport of state power.